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Sporthorse Veterinary Services is a premier equine veterinary practice with the unique combination of ambulatory service and clinic facilities located in northern San Diego County.  Dr. Mark Silverman utilizes a wide array of the latest diagnostic and treatment modalities including digital x-ray and ultrasound, shock wave therapy, IRAP, MRI, nuclear scintigraphy, and laser. Our progressive practice serves all of northern San Diego County and southern Orange and Riverside Counties.  

We are proud to announce our affiliates, Southern California Equine Podiatry Center and Regenerative Veterinary Technologies (RVT).  Through Southern California Equine Podiatry Center, Dr. Silverman is able to offer advanced podiatry services on a consultation basis to other professionals in the area.  In addition through RVT, Sporthorse Veterinary Services is excited to bring unique access to high intensity LASER therapy (HILT) to Southern California on a referral basis.  

Southern California Equine Podiatry Center provides  high-level hoof care for both catastrophic illness involving the foot and difficult performance limiting issues.  We can provide this service through cooperation with your current farrier, or we can provide therapeutic farrier service by our own staff.  

Regenerative Veterinary Technologies is one of only 15 services nationwide to offer HILT LASER therapy.  HILT is a unique high intensity LASER system possessing the ability to help your horse regenerate healthy tissue to repair or replace tendons or ligaments that have suffered damage. 

Mission Statement

"Combining the art of classical horsemanship with advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology to provide balanced veterinary care for horse and rider."

Our goal of at Sporthorse Veterinary Services is to set the standard for equine veterinary care, helping both the horse and rider achieve their greatest potential. We maintain a balanced therapeutic approach, never losing site of the welfare of the horse in the pursuit of performance excellence. We join the art of classical horsemanship, cutting-edge therapeutics and the latest technological advancements to provide a well thought-out approach aimed at preparing the equine athlete for the rigors of performance. While working to achieve these goals we will not lose track of the need for balance within our own personal and professional lives, having time for the enjoyment of our families and friends.

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Proud Member

Sporthorse Veterinary Services and Dr. Mark Silverman are proud to be affiliated with professional organizations that promote the advancement of veterinary health and equine care. 

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7103 Via Del Charro, P.O. Box 990
Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067

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Meet Our Team
Meet The Team
Sporthorse Veterinary Services is proud to serve northern San Diego County as well as southern Orange and Riverside Counties. The goal of Dr. Mark Silverman and Sporthorse Veterinary Services is to set the standard for equine veterinary care.
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