Dr. Mark Silverman offers his expertise in equine podiatry issues to his clients. He is also avalaible to work with other veterinarians in complex podiatry cases. Dr. Silverman works with many farriers to establish a plan for each horse’s specific needs. In addition to ambulatory podiatry care, Dr. Silverman has the unique ability to provide podiatry services at his Southern California Equine Podiatry Center. Dr. Silverman is a nationally recognized presenter on equine podiatry topics, having recently been invited to present at the American Association of Equine Practitioners Annual Convention’s Podiatry Workshop.

Dr. Silverman utilizes cutting-edge technology and techniques in his analysis and treatment of the equine hoof. He brings to the client many years of experience studying, diagnosing, and treating complex equine hoof problems.

Services offered include podiatry consultations, therapeutic shoeing, treatment of hoof wall defects and evaluation and treatment of laminitis/founder. For patients located outside of Southern California, Dr. Silverman is available for telephone consultation.

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Podiatry Consultations

Dr. Silverman has devised a method of hoof evaluation that utilizes standard static and dynamic examination of the horse in combination with specific biometrics derived from a digital radiographic balance series. In some cases high speed/slow motion video data is also employed in the podiatry evaluation.

The data collected during the podiatry exam is used to create a podiatry prescription for your horse. Utilizing the prescribed plan, Dr. Silverman works closely with your farrier to establish a shoeing plan for your horse. A Podiatry Consultation is an invaluable procedure, not only as an aid in recovery, but also as a preventative measure.

Consultations are available by phone for patients living outside the area. Digital radiographs of the front, side and solar surface of each foot along with a complete history can be sent to Dr. Silverman on a CD (best) or through email. Dr. Silverman will evaluate the material, formulate a plan, and consult by phone with the responsible parties. Arrangements can be made for Dr Silverman to travel outside his usual practice area to meet with the client’s attending veterinarian and farrier on severe or complicated podiatry cases. After evaluation by the team of professionals, a treatment plan can be discussed and collectively executed.

Therapeutic Shoeing

While Dr. Silverman often works with the horse’s regular farrier, there are certain instances where specialized techniques or technologies are required. Sporthorse Veterinary Services is equipped to handle these special circumstances both in the field or in our on-site podiatry clinic, the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center.

Hoof Wall Injuries and Defects

Dr. Mark Silverman addresses all types of hoof wall defects and injuries, including separations, cracks and loss of hoof. Composite reconstruction is performed as required. In addition, the underlying cause of the injury or defect is addressed. Radiographs, gait evaluation, thorough clinical examination, high speed video and a lameness assessment can all be employed as diagnostic tools. Please visit the Facebook page of our affilate, Southern California Equine Podiatry Center, for a look at Dr. Silverman’s work with hoof wall defects.

Please visit this link for more information regarding Dr. Silverman’s equine podiatry work.

Laminitis/Founder Consultation and Treatment

Laminitis is an inflammation of the sensitive laminae in the hoof while founder is the condition associated with coffin bone rotation. Laminitis and founder continue to be life threatening illnesses. Through overall assessment of the affected patient’s condition, including the general health and the condition of his feet, Dr. Silverman works to stabilize the structure of the hoof and improve the outcome of these cases.

Many of these cases can be treated in the field, however, Sporthorse Veterinary Services also offers an on-site clinic for such treatments at its Southern California Equine Podiatry Center.

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