Sporthorse Veterinary Services, located in the community of Rancho Santa Fe, offers both on-site and ambulatory veterinary evaluation and treatment for our equine patients. Dr. Mark Silverman, a nationally recognized expert in equine podiatry, extends his ambulatory practice throughout southern California offering his professional expertise in equine podiatry to other veterinarians.

The full spectrum of performance horse needs and sports medicine and rehabilitation is available through Sporthorse Veterinary Services. Services include pre-purchase examinations, soundness evaluations, lameness diagnosis and treatment, as well as rehabilitation plans and evaluations. In providing such services, Sporthorse Veterinary Services employs advanced diagnostic and therapeutic technology to provide balanced veterinary care for your horse with the goal of helping horse and rider attain their greatest potential. Sporthorse Veterinary Services also offers a full array of preventative care which is integral to your horse’s health, including health and wellness examinations, vaccinations, and performance dentistry.

Sporthorse Veterinary Services offers advanced podiatry services including podiatry consultations, therapeutic shoeing, diagnosis and treatment of hoof wall defects, and podiatry implications and treatment associated with laminitis and founder. Dr. Silverman offers these extensive podiatry services in his ambulatory practice as well as on-site at the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center. Dr. Silverman is available to consult with other veterinarians and with your farrier on equine podiatry cases.