Lameness/Soundness Evaluation

Dr. Silverman begins each lameness examination with a visual inspection of the patient. As part of the lameness examination, Dr. Silverman may palpate the horse’s body and limbs, observe the horse at a walk, trot and canter, examine the feet and utilize hoof testers, perform multiple limb and joint flexions, and proceed with nerve and/or joint blocks if indicated. Additional diagnostic procedures may be utilized as deemed appropriate, and therapeutic treatment may follow the evaluation.

The Lameness Examination in Horses provides a detailed look at this important evaluation.

Pre-Purchase Exam

Sporthorse Veterinary Services offers pre-purchase examinations as part of its services. This examination is intended to assist the prospective buyer in making an informed decision about the suitability of the horse for the intended use. Dr. Silverman performs a thorough physical and soundness exam, discussing his findings with the buyer throughout the process.

Surviving The Pre-Purchase Exam, offers more information about this “not so simple” exam!

Preventative Care

Sporthorse Veterinary Services considers preventative care a top priority in promoting the health of the equine athlete. Dr. Silverman recommends several procedures that should be a part of all horses’ routine yearly medical maintenance. These include vaccinations, dentistry, clinical wellness exams and deworming, Please call our office if you have questions about necessary preventative care for your horse. For more information about dentistry, visit our Performance Dentistry page under Services.

If you would like to read more about the importance of preventative care, Routine Health Care of Horses by Merck Manuals offers more hints on how to keep your horse healthy.

Surgical Procedures

Sporthorse Veterinary Services offers routine standing procedures. Podiatry specific procedures performed both standing or under general anesthesia are offered in collaboration with our affiliate, the Southern California Equine Podiatry Center.

Sporthorse Veterinary Services provides referrals to many equine specialists including surgeons, ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and veterinary hospitals.